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Interstellar Indulgence
Within two weeks of opening its doors in mid-October, Cosmic Donuts in Kinderhook was having trouble keeping up with demand for its otherworldly pastries, with lines around the block on some mornings.

Catskill: A Village in Flux
Residents of this Greene County village are bullish on thriving during the pandemic. As New York Restaurant owner Natasha Witka told us: “I have never felt stronger about the people that are here. No matter what this winter brings, we’ll be able to get through it together.”

Urban Removal in Kingston
Since the beginning of the pandemic, New York City residents have fled to Kingston, creating one of the country’s hottest housing markets. The city’s less-affluent residents have been collateral damage as affordable housing dries up.

A new monthly collaboration with The River tracking the pandemic; horoscopes; Nora Scarlett’s latest book of Gunks nature photographs; an interview with Hudson Valley brewing pioneer Tommy Keegan, art gallery listings, poetry, and more.

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