Chronogram magazine offers a colorful and nuanced chronicle of life in the Hudson Valley in all its vitality and complexity. Like a flip book, our archive of place-based stories offers a changing, moving picture of the region as it has evolved since our founding in 1993. Through our website and monthly print magazine, we coalesce the region’s diverse makers and shakers, thinkers, educators, artists, and entrepreneurs into a single vibrant community. Beyond simply documenting, Chronogram catalyzes conversation and invites readers into the arts, culture, and spirit of this place.


Chronogram produces live experiences that engage our local community. Learn more about Chronogram Conversations here.

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99% value shopping and eating locally and strongly believe in supporting local businesses

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“We advertise in Chronogram and other Luminary Media publications due to their free, wide distribution, as well as their eye-catching, intelligent editorial. We have always felt confident about the quality of their products, and we know that our own customers do too!”
William Lessner
Adams Fairacre Farms


Chronogram produces live experiences that engage our local community.


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