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In the February 2023 issue of Chronogram, you’ll find:

On the Cover: Sunset One
Don’t be fooled: Sunset One, by Erik Daniel White, is an oil painting, not a photograph of a Play-Doh diorama.

Poughkeepsie: The Momentum of Change
The Queen City is humming with activity in a way it hasn’t in over 50 years.

Piaule: The New Catskills Cuisine
Michelin-starred chef Ryan Tate brings subtle sophistication and high-wattage flavors to the restaurant at the Piaule resort in Catskill.

Reservoir of Words
In West Hurley, writer Lissa Kiernan has crafted a home and refuge for other creatives at the Poetry Barn.

Unconventional wedding venues for the adventurous, New York lawmakers pursuing legalization of psychedelics, how to beat those winter blues, live music, horoscopes, poetry, restaurant openings, and the good citizens of Poughkeepsie represent their city at our monthly community pop-up portrait photoshoot.

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