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Chemi Rosado-Seijo, Mahican Pearl-Hole (The Mahican Bowl), 2020. Photo by Bryan Zimmerman.

How to Make Sure Your Vote Counts This Election Day
Voting in New York will be different this year. Two sets of state voting laws have been passed since the last major election in 2018, changing when and how New Yorkers can cast their ballots. The most significant of these changes will debut on what is expected to be a tense election day unlike any other—one where the winners will most likely remain unknown for more than a week after the polls close, due to the expected high number of absentee ballots. We talked to election officials from eight counties in the Hudson Valley and Catskills about the new system, possible delays from the postal service, and what they anticipated on election day. The result—a guide to voting in the Hudson Valley in 2020.

Kingston at a Crossroads
Many creative folks with portable jobs from New York City and other areas in search of roomier, more affordable digs in a smaller, nearby, picturesque city with a cultural pulse took notice of Kingston in recent years and started moving in. While this was a big win for the local shops, bars, and restaurants that help make Kingston a great place to live (and of course for local real estate brokers), it came during the double threat of a mounting affordable housing shortage that has displaced many lower-income residents and a contracting job market brought on by the rise of internet commerce and an exodus of manufacturing. Like that of most Hudson Valley towns, Kingston’s main indigenous industry has been a seasonal one: tourism. Then, in March, COVID hit, and the what had been a steady trickle became a flood.

Inside the Cider Boom
As the predominance of national, commercial cider brands gives way to more regional products, the Hudson Valley—a historic apple-producing region—is seeing a boom of new cider producers. While the spectrum of local ciders spans conventional to craft, a few local artisanal makers are seizing the momentum of the industry to explore the most challenging and rewarding corners of cider-making from unfiltered pet nat ciders to entirely foraged, wild-fermented products made in collaboration with nature.

A tribute to Woodstock area gallerist Elena Zang, a Q&A with author Luc Sante about his latest book of essays, Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival gets a permanent home, book and music reviews, live event previews, and more.

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