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In the May 2022 issue of Chronogram, you’ll find:

On the Cover: Le Jugement
Artists Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick have released a new tarot deck of staged photography, Tarot of the Drowning World.

Beacon: Vibe Shift
This ever-changing city looks to the ways in which its reclaimed abundance can benefit everyone. Plus, portraits of Beacon residents by David McIntyre.

Hudson Valley Craft Beverage Map
Plan your summer craft beverage tour in the Hudson Valley.

Lighting Up
Four new dispensaries have opened up in the Berkshires in the past year. Chronogram brings you on a tour of the newcomers to the green revolution.

A wave of green jobs are coming to the Hudson Valley, the distilling scene sees more women creating spirits, live music, restaurant openings, horoscopes, and the Hudson Valley Pirate Festival!

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