What’s Next, Newburgh?

March 20, 2017 / Atlas Industries Studios / Newburgh, NY

The goal of the monthly series is to bring together community leaders, influencers, and creatives to discuss community issues in a social setting. The series’ locations parallel our Community Pages section and inform their content, as you can read on page 32. Luminary Media was also well represented by our business development and creative teams, including Newburgh Account Executive Anne Wygal. Editorial Director Brian K. Mahoney moderated the afternoon’s panel discussion on “What’s Next, Newburgh?” with attorney Austin DuBois of Blustein, Shaprio, Rich & Barone; Paul Halayko, co-founder/owner of Newburgh Brewing Company; Aquanetta Wright, of Ferry Godmother Productions; Liberty Street Bistro chef/owner Michael Kelly; and Cathy Collins, executive director of Habitat For Humanity.
April’s “Conversation” will take place in Beacon; images and video from that event will appear in the May issue of Chronogram. There are still advertising placement opportunities available, where businesses from Beacon and the surrounding area have the opportunity to shine as leaders of the community. Contact Ralph Jenkins: [email protected]


Thank you to Jenny’s Floral, JTD Productions, and Footage Films. You can watch a video from Newburgh’s March Chronogram Conversations at Atlas Industries & Studios at Chronogram.com/newburghconversation, as well as on our Vimeo and YouTube page.

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