4 Reasons Why Print Is Still an Important Part of Your Marketing Mix

The supposed death of print advertising has been in the making for quite a while now. Though sales of digital advertising have certainly increased over the years, print still has undeniable staying power. As consumers diversify the ways they interact with brands and products—social media, podcast and radio reads, TV and streaming, and more—a multi-channel strategy that incorporates print is still as vital (or more!) than ever. 

Print may not be the only channel your customers find you through, but here are 4 key reasons why print is still an important part of the mix.  

1. Print has long-lasting tactile impact 

Even if you’re not a self-professed bibliophile that waxes poetic about the smell of paper, there’s no denying the unique weight and tactile experience of a printed object like a magazine. One study from Temple University for the USPS showed that people spend more time looking at printed materials and the engagement and emotional reaction was higher than with digital.

2. Print signals quality 

For many magazine subscribers, the high-quality experience offered from print is what keeps them coming back year after year. As a result, print has also become synonymous with a premium experience, attracting advertisers with premium products who want to receive that boost in brand perception. For 2019, Publicis Media estimated that luxury advertisers would spend 55 percent of their advertising spend in print magazines.

3. Print has an unmatched shelf life

Think about how many print publications you have lying around your home right now. Whether it’s a beloved old cooking magazine with your favorite peach pie recipe or last week’s New Yorker, print holds a privileged place in our daily lives for much longer than people often think. As a result, readers can interact with your advertisement days, months, and years after your initial spend.

4. Print is better at reaching specific demographics

Publications that offer print advertising come with highly targeted circulation and audience demographics. Whether the publication’s focus is on a specific region or category like food and cooking, home design and decor, or the outdoors, its readers and subscribers are already receptive to content and advertisements from brands under the same categories of editorial coverage. Publications spend years cultivating their audiences, so it only makes sense to join forces if your target audience aligns!  


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