Specifications & Guidelines

Advertorial Guidelines

Contact info: Address, phone number, and website only. These are not included in the word count.
Images: Provide a high resolution image. Logos, or images with text added, will not be accepted.
Formatting: Text will be edited conform to Chronogram’s editorial style.

  • Third-person point of view (don’t use “we/our/us,” use “they/their/them” instead) 
  • Serial comma (ie: apples, oranges, and kumquats)
  • Street names are spelled out
  • State is not included, unless the location is outside of New York
  • Phone number format: (845) 334-8600
  • First letter capitalized for websites (ie: Chronogrammedia.com)

File submission: Send files to Kerry Tinger, Production Director, at [email protected]


Word Count
Number of Photos
Full Page
1 to 4
1 to 2
Half Column
1 (horizontal preferred)
1 (vertical or square preferred)
*Written by Chronogram Media Branded Content Studio
**Provided by Advertiser

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