Community Pages Can Put You On the Map

How about getting your business in front of locals AND visitors?

Who said that your reach was limited to only local audiences? The Hudson Valley attracts hundred-thousands of tourists every year, which rakes in millions of tourism dollars.

It’s time you grab your share!

Advertising through the Chronogram Community Pages means reaching out to numerous potential customers, i.e. travelers, who would love to experience what your business offers.

Trusted as a reliable source on giving locals and tourists the inside scoop on the different counties, Chronogram echoes the tone and voice of Hudson Valley.

We can help you achieve your business growth goals this year by featuring your business in our Community Pages.

Why the Community Pages?

Well, we can literally put you on the map.

Through our Community Pages coverage, Chronogram readers are able to stay on top of what’s happening in the bustling counties and their vibrant towns. These pages give an insider’s view to people looking for a fun place to spend a long weekend and even residents from other towns who want to go beyond their usual travel routes and experience what other communities have to offer.

‘But How Does My Business Reach The Audience?’

Every month, Chronogram’s creative editorial team digs into all that’s happening in the Hudson Valley’s dynamic communities, what’s growing and what’s new.

Online and in print, all our readers enjoy the stories from our Community Pages section—sharing and retweeting them resulting in multiplied engagement and reach for your business.

Our Chronogram Media Solution

Your brand could be center-stage in Chronogram’s Community Pages. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to grow your business and attract more customers.

Place the spotlight on your business.

You can either:

  1. Have your business featured in our Community Pages as a highlight in your town
  2. Buy an ad in Chronogram and have your business enlisted in the ‘shareable’ printed town map for just $200

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