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In the August 2021 issue of Chronogram, you’ll find:

Woodstock: Room for Growth
The town famous for its struggling artists struggles with an affordable housing shortage brought on by the rise of short-term rentals.

High Society: A High-Falutin Affair
Cannabis industry insiders gathered in Saugerties on June 19 to make connections at what organizers billed as the Hudson Valley’s first ever “A-list corporate cannabis networking event.”

Beeroir: A Taste of Place
While terroir is usually associated with wine, the Hudson Valley has become part of a quiet but growing movement of brewers, farmers, and scientists across the country eager to explore regional nuances in grains and hops.

Storybook Ending
Linda Facci and Gene Gironda renovated a cottage in the Maverick Art Colony to suit their needs in a fairy tale setting outside Woodstock.

Locked & Loaded Against Lyme
Two new preventative therapies could keep a lid on the tick-borne illness.

Restaurant news from around the region, horoscopes, art exhibits, and previews of upcoming cultural events.

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