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In the November 2022 issue of Chronogram, you’ll find:

On the Cover: Sedna
Rachael Talibart conjures photographic magic from windswept waves.

New Paltz: Practical Magic
The town in the shadow of the Gunks is enchanting.

Letting the Grapes Decide
At Accordion Wines in Accord, Malou Despoux takes a hands-off approach to handmade wine.

Short-Terming the Market
Grassroots organizers For the Many campaign across the region against nonowner occupied short-term rentals.

Helen Toomer makes a home for herself and artists at Stoneleaf Retreat, local organizations look to provide a good place to die, the first harvest of legal weed, live music, horoscopes, poetry, restaurant openings, and tap legend Brenda Bufalino celebrates in Rosendale.

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