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In the September issue of Chronogram, you’ll find:

Slice of Heaven

Ollie’s Pizza in High Falls is making Roman-style al taglio pizza in a chic and scenic setting in the heart of the hamlet, under the direction of Frank Pinello of Best Pizza in Williamsburg and “The Pizza Show” fame. 

Home Skool

Julie Snyder and Hoppy Quick both faced some daunting challenges in recent years. With ingenuity, resilience, and some faith in themselves, they each created an exceptional home—and embraced a bus-as-home lifestyle—that could carry them forward. And then they met.

Hudson: Living Streets

As the city bounces back from pandemic lockdown, its residents are facing big issues—the positive and negative impact of tourism, a lack of affordable housing, the purpose of public space—that COVID brought into bright relief.


Horoscopes; a peek inside choreographer Chase Brock’s adaptation of a train station into a dance studio in Accord; a review of David Hollander’s latest novel, Anthropica; a history of the bridges of the Mid-Hudson Valley, art gallery listings, poetry, and more, more, more!

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