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In the September 2021 issue of Chronogram, you’ll find:

Hidden Hudson: Off Warren Street
The city of Hudson is reduced solely to Warren Street. A photo essay by David McIntyre on life off the city’s main thoroughfare.

Rethinking the Recipe
What happens when the cost of doing business goes up, tight margins get tighter. It’s hard to find new staff, existing staff need raises to afford to live in your community, and you can’t charge customers more? Welcome to running a restaurant in the Hudson Valley in 2021.

A Change in Atmosphere
What happens next on climate in New York with Cuomo out of the picture?

Rehabbing the Past, Owning the Future
Master woodworker Tyreik Jackson brought his renovation skills—and his family—up from New York City to a historic but dated Colonial in Poughkeepsie.

Demystifying CBD, restaurant news from around the region, horoscopes, poetry, music and book reviews, previews of upcoming cultural events, and a spectral phone for hikers on the Appalachian trail.

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