Event Recap: How to Maximize Your Native Content Investment

On January 21, we held a virtual event for businesses called “How to Maximize Your Native Content Investment.” The session was centered on practical strategies for how to get the most out of the content businesses can produce in collaboration with a publisher like Chronogram Media.

As Chronogram Media’s Sponsored Content Editor, I hosted the hour-long event and dove into some best practices for developing and promoting native content that I’ve cultivated after working with over 100 Hudson Valley businesses to curate custom content throughout Chronogram Media’s channels, both in print and online.  

To kick off the session, I provided an overview of native content at Chronogram Media and touched on the history of native content as a form of marketing that allows brands to connect with readers who already trust the publisher to provide them with meaningful content.

I then provided an overview of best practices for working with a publisher to develop native content and gave five examples of successful, compelling native content from Chronogram Media and other publishers, including the New York Times‘s T Brand Studio and the Daily Beast. I also covered how advertisers can help boost the reach of their native content after publication by helping to spearhead its distribution on their owned and operated marketing channels, as well as through Chronogram Media’s other distribution opportunities, including publication of a single piece across multiple channels. 

For any advertiser, native content is becoming an increasingly instrumental part of your marketing strategy, giving you the platform and resources to tell your brand stories to the audiences that matter most and establishing your reputation as a thought leader in your industry. Whether you’re an advertiser whose campaigns regularly incorporate native content or you’re brand new to the topic, I’d definitely recommend watching our video of the session above or perusing the slide deck from the event below. 

Event Slide Deck

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